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Protect Your Roofing System This Winter

A roof protects us from the elements and the harmful UV rays. The winter months can be harsh and include snow storms, rain storms and low temperatures. It is important to protect your roofing system during winter. Ensuring that your roof is in proper condition before winter begins will prevent damages on your roof from occurring. Here are some ways to protect your roofing system this winter:

Place the Insulation
The absence of insulation between the roof and ceiling makes it more susceptible to leaks, mold and other damages. You need to get insulation for the ceiling to keep the house protected and prevent damages from occurring during the winter months.

Roof Repairs
During the winter months, your roof will be less capable of withstanding bad weather. Hence it is important to address roofing problems such as missing tiles or damaged shingles. These problems can get worse during the winter months resulting in higher cost of repairs.

Clear Gutters
Gutters direct water away from your roof and building to prevent mold and to stop large amounts of water from collecting. As the winter months receive more rain, it is important to clear your gutters before winter sets in. A blocked gutter will collect rainfall and damage the roof.

Gutter Guards
Using gutter guards will help cover up your gutters to prevent them from getting clogged with leaves and other debris. This will also ensure that your roof is protected during winter.

Snow Guards
Snow guards help to hold snow in place when it collects on your roof until it melts and drains off as water. This prevents snow slides which can damage the roof tiles. Snow guards also prevent accumulated snow falling on people passing by.

Sheet Metal Roofing
Sheet metal roofing is used for flat roofing and ensures that large amounts of water do not gather on the roof, thus preventing damage on roofs.

Re-roof the intersections
Re-roofing the intersections of the roof-sidewall and roof-chimney will help prevent roof leaks.

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