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Common Roofing Problems

Common Roofing Problems

Obvious or unexpected roof problems can lead to significant damages. So keep an eye on your roof for early signs that may lead to problems. Timely roof repair can save you from the cost of a complete roof renovation or replacement. Common roof problems include:

Leaks and Moisture
Leaks and moisture on the roof are caused by natural hazards such as the wind, rain, hail, snow, ice, or debris. These conditions create moisture in the roof, leading to leaks, mold, and rot.

Ponding Water
Ponding or standing water refers to water that gathers in a small pool or puddle on the top of the roof. It can result from heavy rainfall, poor roofing or improper drainage. Ponding or standing water can lead to serious roof damages. It encourages root corrosion, debris build-up, mold and mildew under roof.

Small animals, birds, and insects can cause damage to the roof. They tend to live in the wood beneath the roof overhang, in cracks, holes or wood rot. It is important to evict them before they get a foothold.

Punctures and Penetrations
The roof material can be punctured by wind and hail. It can also be punctured during installation due to heavy construction traffic. This can cause scrapes/cuts in the roof membrane and damage to the underlying substrate. It’s important to limit traffic on the roof and conduct regular inspections.

Shrinkage and Blistering
When the roof membrane shrinks, it causes cracks or crazing in the upper roofing layer. Blistering, ridging, splitting, and surface erosion eventually leads to bigger roofing problems.

Improperly Installed Flashing
Flashing is the material used to seal areas where the roof has been penetrated for vent pipes, skylights, chimneys, and heating and cooling systems. If installed poorly, it can cause open seams and laps, causing tiles to blow-off. It can lead to damages, leaks and reduce your roof’s puncture resistance.

Tree limbs overhanging on the roof can abrade its surface and wear away the protective top layer. Branches that fall on the roof can also create serious damages. If a tree is close enough to pose a threat to your home the tree limbs should be trimmed back away from the roof or the tree should be removed.

Roof discoloration results from the accumulation of dirt, defective shingles, mold, or mildew. However, the most common cause of discoloration is blue-green algae known as Gloeocapsa Magma. It feeds on the limestone found on asphalt and shingles. It also loosens the protective granules in shingles causing roof damage.

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