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Hero Of The Month, Scott Fleischmann Of Suffern

Scott Fleischmann Of Suffern


Scott Fleischmann 13, of Suffern is a sweet, generous and musically gifted young man who takes pleasure in sharing his talents with the world. Scott started playing the piano at the age of 8 and has flourished as a young musician ever since. His love of music encouraged him to learn to play the cello, as well as the keyboard which he proudly plays in the Orchestra and Jazz Band at Suffern Middle School. Music has been known to be therapeutic and the Greek philosopher Plato considered music to be medicine of the soul. Scott made a decision while preparing for his Bar Mitzvah this past October to research places where he could share his love of music and found the Helen Hayes Rehabilitation Center in Nyack.  The patients at this facility are often undergoing extensive physical therapy treatment and /or recovering from surgery. Scott asked himself the question “How can I use the skills I already have to make someone else happy?”  He realized that performing for the patients would be a superb way to brighten their days and uplift their spirits through the gift of music.

Scott’s first performance at the Helen Hayes Rehabilitation was a major success in March 2015. He was able to showcase his talents playing the piano for most of the concert and then decided to switch things up a bit and play the cello as well. Scott’s all-time favorite classical composer is Muzio Clementi and he loves to play “Ob-La-Di, Ob-La-Da” by the Beatles because it is so upbeat. The patients were overwhelmed with joy and awe struck that such profound talent was coming from a 12 year old. Scott has continued his concerts at Helen Hayes and has dates lined up in July and September of this year. Scott plans to do the concert for years to come because of the joy and smiles it brings to the patients.   Visit to learn about volunteer opportunities.

By Eleuthera Russell

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