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When To Clean Your Chimney

Chimney Cleaning and Inspection

Like all other appliances, a chimney also needs periodic cleaning. The warmth and coziness of a fire on a cold winter’s night is unsurpassed. However, the by-products include creosote and soot which are highly flammable. Regularly cleaning your chimney will eliminate chimney fires. The National Fire Protection Association recommends an annual professional inspection of your chimney .

Cleaning Creosote Regularly

Creosote is the wood and fuel that doesn’t turn to ash when burned. It sticks to the walls of the chimney and eventually piles up and becomes thick. This piled up creosote can become a fire hazard and therefore needs to be cleaned off regularly. Creosote buildup can be reduced by providing adequate combustion air, which will encourage a hot, clean-burning fire.

Inspect The Chimney

Shine flashlight near the top of the firebox, in the smoke chamber and around the damper to check for creosote. Also check the chimney flue, especially on exterior chimneys, where creosote builds faster than on interior chimneys because of lower outside temperatures. Sometimes birds seek refuge in the chimney flue. The inner wall of the chimney must appear smooth without ridges or bubbles. This is an indicator of the chimney wall being creosote-free. If you find the creosote to be of ¼ inches thick, it is advisable not to use the chimney till it is professionally cleaned.

A chimney needs to be cleaned if:

  • The fire starts too slowly
  • Smoke is filling the room and the house
  • Cold air and bad odors are entering the room

Does your chimney need some work?

Receive friendly servicing on your chimney from a knowledgeable group of masonry professionals. If your chimney needs cleaning, contact the professionals from Gary’s Gutter Service, Inc. Call 845-450-1006 for chimney cleaning services.

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