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When is it Time to Replace the Gutters?

Professional Gutter Replacement

Gutters play an important role in protecting a home from water damage by transporting rainwater away from its foundation. When the gutters get clogged or broken, the water build-up around the home may lead to cracks and leaks. Timely gutter replacement or gutter repair can save you time and money. The following pointers from gutter professionals at Gary’s Gutter Service Inc. may help you determine the right time to replace your gutter system.

Splits, Holes and Rust

Splits, holes, or rust in the gutters may cause water leakage during heavy rainfall. If you have been constantly treating your gutters for fractures and rust, but nothing helped, it may be time to remove and replace it with seamless rain gutter installation.

Gutter Buckling

Regular wear and tear may cause the pieces of metal or plastic, that keeps a gutter system intact, to break. These pieces of metal or plastic are fastened to ensure that the water flows properly to the downspout. When these pieces are not changed for a long time, this may result in gutter buckling from continued use without maintenance. Hence, if you see nails, screws or fastening devices on the ground around the perimeter of your home, it is likely from the gutter. It is too old and an indication that it needs to be replaced.

Standing Water

Pools of standing water may form in your untreated gutter systems during the fall and winter. Standing water may be the result of debris and junk clogging up the normal flow of waterways in the gutters. If a simple washing does not clear away the clog, it is time to consider gutter replacement.

Mold and Mildew Spots

Leaking is very common in old gutters. The leaking may cause mold growth below the gutters. When you notice mold or mildew spots below the gutters, it may be time to think about replacing your gutter system.
Replace your gutter system at the right time, to save yourself from additional costs for repairs to your home’s foundation, as well as to maintain a healthy environment.

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