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Types of Rain Gutters

Rain Gutters

One of the most significant protections for a home against damaging environmental elements is the rain gutter. A correctly installed gutter system can increase the efficiency of rainwater transfer from the roof to the drainage system. It helps to maintain the house structure by eliminating problems often caused by leaking gutters. Gutters are made from a variety of materials. The various types of rain gutters are listed below:

Vinyl Gutters
Vinyl gutters are easy to install and, they do not rust or corrode. They are cheap, lightweight and easy to manage. When used in milder climates they function very well. Poor installation results in a sagging section. They are not recommended for places with extreme temperature.

Aluminum Gutters
Aluminum gutters are a widely used material. Like vinyl gutters, they are lightweight, rust-proof and manageable. They can stand up to harsh weather conditions, but are not as durable as steel and copper. Aluminum gutters can be custom made, such as continuous gutters (without joints), to suit your requirements. They also hold paint well. The drawback is that this type of gutter is not structurally as strong as other gutter materials.

Copper Gutter
Copper gutters are an excellent choice for modern homes. They are corrosion resistant, durable as well as visually appealing. They can withstand different weather conditions without rusting or rotting. However, they cost three to four times more than some materials and discolor over time.

Steel Gutter
Steel gutters are durable and very resistant to damage from ice, heavy branches or other destructive debris. Steel gutters are also a common choice for many homeowners because they are affordable. However, steel gutters often sag over time. Professionals are required to install steel gutters.

Wood Gutter
Wood gutters give your house a traditional look. It requires a lot of maintenance to ensure that it will not rot from water, sag or collapse. They are also quite expensive.

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