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Common Chimney Problems

Chimney repair

A chimney is not a low maintenance feature. The addition of a fireplace and chimney to your home means taking on a new set of responsibilities. To ensure that the chimney is working properly and is not endangering your home and family, an annual chimney inspection is important. Here are some of the common chimney problems that require attention:

Obstructions or Blockages: Chimney obstructions or blockages are dangerous. It can cause toxic fumes, such as deadly carbon monoxide, to enter the home. It can be caused by numerous things including obstruction of the chimney draft. If a chimney is short, it can prevent smoke from going up and out of the chimney the way it is designed to and may leave smoke in the house.

Creosote: The National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) recommends that chimneys be inspected annually. One reason is to ensure that there isn’t a hazardous build-up of creosote which should be cleaned. Creosote is a mixture of a black or brown tar and soot. Creosote is formed by smoke that accumulates in the flue lining.

Brickwork Problems: A neglected chimney can lean or crumble and eventually collapse. Maintenance is the key to ensuring that water does not penetrate the chimney system. Sometimes the brickwork can become damaged because of moisture, requiring the replacement of several bricks.

Chimney Crown and Chimney Cap: Moisture can cause heavy damage to your chimney. If you have a cracked chimney crown, you should repair it immediately. Chimney caps protect the chimney from moisture and keep out animals and other debris. They sometimes need to be replaced.

Cracks in the Flue: If moisture combines with the creosote, the lining can deteriorate. When a lining is cracked, it should be replaced as soon as possible because the lining protects the combustible parts of the home from catching fire.

If your chimney needs to be cleaned, contact the experts at Gary's Gutter Service, Inc. We have been installing, maintaining and repairing chimneys for over 30 years. With our top-notch professional team, we get the job done right and at a great price. Our company is licensed, bonded and insured. Call 201-749-5024, 800-997-9174 or 845-450-1006. You can also email us at

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