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Common causes of roof leaks

causes of roof leaks

Roof leaks are one of the most common roofing problems. They can cause significant damage if the underlying cause is not discovered and repaired quickly. Therefore, it is important to detect and stop existing leaks promptly to prevent further damage. The most common causes of roof leaks are:

  1. Aging
    With age, the roofing material deteriorates and becomes less effective in keeping rainwater out. It becomes brittle, cracks easily due to temperature fluctuations and extreme weather conditions. In addition, the tar, the seal's shingles and roof vents can melt over time due to direct sun exposure. To prevent leaks, it’s important to inspect and replace brittle parts, or replace the roof.
  2. Broken or missing shingles
    Shingles can break and rip due to strong winds or rain storms. Missing shingles break the water seal and expose the asphalt base to damage from the sun, rain, and other elements. This can lead to cracks, leaks, curling, and shortened life span of the asphalt base. Regular roof inspection and replacement of missing shingles can prevent further damage and leaks.
  3. Cracked flashing
    Flashing seals the areas around roof openings for chimney passage, vents, hood vent, skylights and pipe vents. If the flashing is poorly installed, leaks can occur on the seals. Debris can also clog the area around the seals and create rot which can cause leaks. In addition, if nails are missing the flashing may slide out of place and cause the caulk to dry and crack over time. It’s essential to inspect the flashing regularly and repair this crucial area of your roof in order to prevent leaks.
  4. Valleys not sealed properly
    A valley is an area where two planes of roof intersect. The intersection is usually sloped. However, if the valley has not been sealed properly, rainwater can easily get inside the roof. Valleys can also crack due to being stepped on from corrosion. The problem can be detected by searching for wet spots along the roof seams.
  5. Condensation Buildup in the Attic
    If the attic is not well ventilated, condensation can easily build up whenever indoor and outdoor temperatures differ. Condensation and moisture build up in the attic can cause mold and mildew growth. To prevent condensation build up, it’s important to keep the attic well ventilated.
  6. Cracked chimney
    A chimney can erode over time due to extreme weather conditions like heavy rains. Cracks in the chimney or flashing allow water to run down the chimney into the house. If this occurs,it is important to hire a professional to inspect and repair the chimney.
  7. Clogged gutters
    Gutters drain water from the roof. When leaves or other debris clogs the gutter, it creates an opportunity for water to pool on the roof and seep through cracks. To ensure that water flows freely and quickly off the roof, keep the gutters free from debris.
  8. Ice dam buildup
    An ice dam forms at the edge of the roof and blocks the water (melting snow) from flowing down the roof. This causes water to accumulate under flashings, shingles or tar paper. It can lead to heavy leaks and roof damage due to excess weight of ice on the roof surface.
  9. Cracks in the vent
    Vents are used for expelling excessive moisture from the house. Cracks may occur on the vents or around the flashing after years of exposure to the weather. Inspect the vent pipes for cracks or gaps in the vent seals.
  10. Improperly installed skylight
    Skylights are a common cause of roof leaks. If the skylight is not installed properly, leaks may occur. Skylights can also degrade over time, leading leaks in the seals.

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