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Benefits of Gutter Installation

Professional Gutter Installation

Gutter installation is vital for the roof system and the building structure as a whole. It funnels rainwater and melted snow away from the house into the drain system. Gutter installation provides many benefits including the following:

Keeps the surrounding dry
Gutters prevent rainwater from accumulating on the roof. It also prevents heavy rainfall from splashing on the porch and around the house. This helps to keep the house and surroundings dry.

Prevents decay
Without a gutter, water flow from the roof can cause the wood to rot on the fascia and soffit, or around window and door frames. This can create additional expenses in repairs. A well installed gutter drains rainwater away into the ground or storm water system.

Prevents erosion
Splashing water from heavy rainfall can erode the soil around the house. Soil erosion can also result from high volumes of water flowing away from the house. In addition, rainwater can accumulate and damage grass and plants. Installing a gutter helps to preserve soil from erosion.

Keeps the basement dry
Heavy water flow from rain can flow into the basement. It can destroy the floors and walls, and cause mold build up. A gutter plays an important role in keeping rainwater away from the basement.

Helps to protect the house foundation
A gutter drains water away from the foundation. Without a gutter, it can seep into the foundation and saturate the soil beneath. This can cause the foundation to sink in eventually leading to structural collapse.

Protects the house
A gutter protects the house from the damaging effects of rain and snow. It helps to increase the life of your roof and the entire house.

Prevents potential hazards
Without a gutter, rainwater can flood the ground and form ponds. This causes the ground to be slippery, and can also attract harmful pests and insects.

Prevents ice dam formation
A gutter channels away melted snow from the roof. Without it, ice dams can place an enormous weight on the roof leading to structural damages.

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