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Benefits of Chimney Cleaning

Benefits of Chimney Cleaning

A chimney provides ventilation for a boilerstovefurnace or fireplace. It prevents flue gases or smokefrom entering the house. However, a dirty chimney can fail in its function; it can cause a house fire, or fail to expel smoke and gases properly. Having your chimney cleaned regularly by a professional is essential. Here are the benefits of chimney cleaning:

Increased Efficiency

Over time, residues of creosote and soot can build up in the chimney and reduce its size. In addition, animal nests and other debris can block the chimney. Cleaning the chimney regularly helps to expel smoke efficiently. It also ensures optimum flow of air for efficient heating.

Prevents Fire

If your chimney is not cleaned regularly, creosote can build up in thick layers that become flammable. Creosote can cause dangerous fires in the chimney that can reach over 2,000 degrees.

Improved Air Quality

A dirty or clogged chimney can lead to poor air quality. It blocks the exit of smoke and causes carcinogenic air to be pushed back to the house. Keeping your chimney clean can protect your family from air pollution.

Prevents Structure Damage

Chimneys’ that are not regularly maintained can weaken over time and rot due to weather damage. A professional inspection and cleaning helps to prevent structural damages.

Increased Life

Cleaning your chimney regularly keeps it in good working shape and prevents future damages. It prevents the accumulation of animal droppings, leaves and other foreign particles that can damage the chimney. Soot and creosote can also cover up the cracks, deterioration and other damages. Hence, cleaning a chimney also helps to perform proper inspection and repairs.

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