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5 Things to Consider When Replacing Your Roof

roof replacement

Replacing a roof is a big investment but a worthwhile one. A high-quality roof will increase the value of your home and keep you safe and dry. Consider the following before replacing your roof.

  1. How Old Is Your Roof?
  2. Don’t wait for problems to show. If your roof has lasted for more than 20 years, including asphalt and shingles, it is best to have a roofing contractor check the roof to see if it needs replacing. Metal and slate roofs last 50 years or more. Check the age of your roof. Replace it if necessary.

  3. Does It Really Need Replacing?
  4. Sometimes roofing contractors add a second layer of asphalt shingles over the original ones, rather than replacing the entire roof.

  5. Deciding on Material
  6. There are different types of roofing material available including tile, wood shakes, rubber for a faux slate look, copper, and slate. When choosing the material, consider the durability, pros and cons, pricing and your local environmental conditions. Consult with an experienced roofing contractor to recommend the best appropriate material.

  7. The Importance of Ventilation and Insulation
  8. Ventilation and insulation are very important. Ask your roofing contractor to identify the location of soffits, ridge vents, and louvers and ask him to be sure that the roofing work doesn’t block them.

  9. Hire an experienced and reliable roofing contractor
  10. It is in your best interest to choose an experienced roofing contractor. Some things to consider when hiring a roofing contractor are:

    • Recommendations from friends
    • Interview the contractor
    • Check the roofing contractor’s reviews
    • Get the estimate and warranty for the roof work in writing

If you need a roofing contractor or want to have your roof waterproofed, contact Gary’s Gutter Service, Inc. We have been providing customers with excellent roofing services since 1984. Call 201-749-5024, 800-997-9174 or 845-450-1006. Email us at

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